Colourpop Haul Swatches & Mini Review


Hello everyone! How are you?Hope everything is well with you. Today is another new blog and I am going to talk about some Colourpop Products that I purchased a while back. Colourpop is one of my favorite makeup brand. Its inexpensive, good quality, Have a large variety of makeup. I remember when the first time I purchased their product they only have super shock shadows in the beginning and I fell in love with the colors and thought that its one of kind eye makeup products I have ever had. Now they've got most of makeup you need. From eyeshadows, lips, concealers, cheek, highlighters, eyebrow products and even makeup brushes. Its a very popular makeup brand and continue to grow more and more in the makeup industry.  I did some Colourpop products review before if you wanted to see my review please Click Here 

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I Think I Love You $16 

This palette have matte and metallic colors. They are so soft and buttery and glides on beautifully when swatched. Really good quality and the colors are beautiful and pigmented. Just one swipe and you'll see on the pictures below that the color is there. PS I don't use any primer when swatching them so you can see that they looked like this when swatched them on my arm. I don't have any bad thing to say about this palette. I think its a nice palette.

Semi-Precious $26 

I Remember when they launched this eye shadow palette at Sephora store, I was really excited and bought it at the store. I believe that its the first time that colourpop launched it at the actual store. I didn't really buy the other ones that they were selling at the store. If I'm not mistaken they got some other colourpop products like lip kit, single eyeshadows, cheek and highlighters from what I remember. I only got my eyes on the Semi-Precious because I loved metallic eyeshadows and thought its a nice addition to my colourpop collection. Same like the other palettes they have this are beautiful, very pigmented, glides on smoothly, easy to blend, soft and buttery, Its just a lovely palette in my opinion. 

Super Nova Shadow $7

When Colourpop launched the super nova shadow, I couldn't resist and purchased some of them. To be honest I just got them because I love the brand and loves their super shock shadows/cheek/highlighter etc. So I thought I should get them too. Now if you're familiar with colourpop whenever they have a new product launched, everybody went crazy LOL most of them or all of them sold out really fast so you have to be ready and know what you wanted otherwise they'll run out really fast.  Super nova shadow is different than the usual colourpop shadows. This one is in a tube container it reminds of their metallic lip gloss. But this one is for your eyes, the retail price is also different, wet when you apply, super pigmented/metallic, beautiful colors and dries really fast and won't go anywhere. I'll be honest with you, this is my least favorite type of eyeshadow in colourpop line.  I don't know why I just loved their other eyeshadows specially their super shock shadow and the palettes. It also kinda difficult for me to work on this one because I always feel like I'm rushing and I have to blend it really quick since they dries out fast and I'm not a makeup artist so its a bit difficult for me to use this one. I know a lot of you out there loved this one but its for me, sorry.

All in all I love Colourpop and like I said its one of my favorite makeup brand because of a the high quality that gives you without paying more, have a huge variety of makeup from lips,cheeks, highlighters, eyebrows, concealers, makeup brushes and they got eye shadow for all season LOL but seriously I think they've got all the colors you wanted for sure. Highly recommend to everyone who loves makeup and even for people who just starting to play with makeup but don't have enough budget try colourpop and it won't disappoint you.

Let me know if you have any favorite colourpop products. Comment below

Hope you guys enjoy this another blog of mine. Thank you and have a wonderful day/night depends what time you are reading this. I really appreciate it from the bottom of my heart.


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