Colourpop Ultra Metallic Lip, Highlighter Swatches


Hello everyone! Its been a while since my last blog post! Hope you guys are having a wonderful day/night depends on what time you are reading this blog. Today I am going to talk about Colourpop products I recently got and some swatches too.

I'm sure you guys know or heard about Colourpop through social media like Instagram,Facebook,Twitter etc.. They have a very affordable and good quality makeup products.They have eyeshadows,lip products,eye brow products,highlighters and even blush.The price range starts from $5-$8 a piece it depends on the products you are purchasing.Yes they are less than $10 a picece!? I personally love their super shock shadows (eyeshadows) they are very pigmented and the consistency is very unique at least to me they are not wet but they are not mousse like either when you touch it, they felt nice and melts like butter it just glides on smoothly. you can use makeup brushes but its best when you use your fingers, I find that the color is more pigmented in my opinion. Anyways let the swatches begin!

The lip applicator is a bit frizzy/fluffyIn my opinion I think I like this one better than the applicator that they have in their other lip products. I like that its soft and I feel like i have more control and its easier when I apply the products on my lips.

Middle picture : Lets talk about the picture in the middle (second picture from the top). Its the highlighter called CHURRO. A lot of people were upset when they released this one because its sold out in less that a minute! Yes people they were gone in less than a minute. I was happy when they restock this and I was able to purchased one. I think its good to add this one in my colourpop collection.

Third picture (from the top) I got one of their Tie dies shadow in SUMMER LOVIN because i thought its a pretty color :)

Ultra Metallic Lip (Top to Bottom) SALT, MAN EATER and ZEBRA 

Highlighter (Fourth from top) CHURRO

Tie Die (Super Shock shadow) SUMMER LOVIN

I was very curious when they released these one because I have never used any lip products that have a metallic finish. To be honest I was worried that I might not like it because this is not the kind of lip product I usually wear and I thought the finish will be just glittery but I was wrong I think the colors are beautiful in my opinion. Its not glossy like lipgloss and the finish is not matte either they are just straight up metallic and pigmented too. Metallic lip products are new to me so I am really excited to play with these babies ;)

I think Colourpop is not only affordable but the their products are comparable to those high end products out there at least in my opinion. I highly recommend the eyeshadows or they call it super shock shadows, their lip products are really nice too. If you are in a budget but still want to try or buy some good quality makeups then you should try Colourpop ;) Click here if you want to know more or purchase some Colourpop products.

Do you guys have any favorite Colourpop products? Please let me know!Comment below:)

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