Etude House Haul! Open Your Eyes Makeup box First impressions!


Hello everyone! Today I would like to share with my my Etude House haul! Etude House is a cosmetics brand from Korea. They got everything from makeup to skincare and all they're products have a really cute packaging. I know its probably late to talk about the open your eyes makeup box, I am sure a lot of Korean beauty/cosmetic product lovers already knew about it. I also been wanting to try Etude House products for so long, so I decided to try out this makeup box/kit. They all looked cute and the penguin hand cream is so adorable!

Open you eyes makeup box/kit $32.40

Like I said earlier the packaging is so cute! I like the ways they put pink color inside this box!

Here is some eyeshadow swatches and the eyeliner. The Play 101 pencil eyeliner is amazing! It's waterproof it did not budge at all, it didn't go anywhere. The eyeshadows looked so pretty but if I have to choose one between the two I will pick the Look at my eye (BR402) because its felt nice when i swatched it, so soft too and I love the coppery/bronze color personally. The look at my eyes jewel (OR202)  is too sparkly/glittery for me,In my opinion its a bit powdery when I apply it on my eye lids and the sparkles goes everywhere so you have to be careful when you use it.

 Play 101 Pencil $7.80 (each)

I don know if I like the Lash Perm Curl Lash mascara I like how it made my lashes really dark, it gives length and volume too but I just don like the way it looked on me. when I apply once using the straight side (flat jelly) of the brush it looked really nice, but when I used the round side of the brush (dome jelly) it made my lashes like spider lashes a little bit and it started to get clumpy in my opinion. 

Lash Perm Mascara $14 (alone)

Curl every single lash, fix all day long: The "Curl 24HR Technology" delivers powerful performance to lift, define, and curl even tiny lashes for 24 hours.
- Curl-fixed lashes for 24 hours: The "Curl 24HR Tech" lifts lashes up poerfully and fix the curl (Black only).
- Dual jelly brush: Delicate and soft 'Dual Jelly Brush' pull all eyelashes even the tiniest lashes to curl and fix.
- No smudge, no clump: With the powerful waterproof function to water, sweat, or sebum to keep curl for long and not to get smudged.

I have mixed emotions about the products. Out of the two eyeshadows I personally did not really like the look at my eyes jewel eyeshadow. simply because I don't like how the spakles/glitters goes everywhere. I mean i like sparkle but this one is messy in my opinion. The Lash perm mascara made my lashes really dark and I like that it gives volume and length but this one is not my favorite mascara. I am sorry to say but I don't this one. It gets clumpy and put too much product on my lashes. It did not looked natural on me. I don't hate it or I don't love this makeup box overall I think this makeup box is OK . If lashes didn't put too much product on my lashes and If the other eyeshadow is not too sparkly I might love it but those products did not work on me. Maybe in some people it worked wonders for them but specially the mascara is too much for me. I think if you have not that much lashes this one will work for you. 

I hope you guys enjoy my blog post today. Please comment below if you have this makeup kit or what products do you like form Etude House? 

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