KIKO Cosmetics Haul


Hello everyone! its been awhile since my last blog post. Anyways have you guys heard of cosmetic brand called Kiko Cosmetics or Kiko Milano? I am new to this brand and I was curious about there makeup products so I bought some couple items awhile back and never posted makeup haul on my blog. I know its like forever since I posted the picture of my Kiko cosmetics haul on my Instagram page but I will post it anyway, Its better late than never post right?

Kiko Milano/Kiko Cosmetics is an Italian brand of makeup and skincare products. I believed they are known makeup brand in Europe and now its in the USA. I was lucky enough to get these items when I was in LA right after the stores grand opening. For more information about Kiko Milano?Kiko Cosmetics Brand CLICK HERE

I purchased some lip products and eyeshadows. Can you guys tell i love me some lipsticks? :) 

As you can see the lipsticks packaging is cute. I love the gold in it and the ways you open them is kinda of unique, you have to push down the top part of it and the lipstick will come out. Thera are different types of finish too. from cream to matte finish lipsticks. I picked matte and cream finish one. The prices are not crazy expensive too from $8-$18. They have a huge variety of colors. Whether you like nude,brown red or bright colors, they have a lot to choose from. 

I was also curious about there eyeshadows so I picked up some of them. They have also a lot of eyeshadows to choose from. They have different finish of eyeshadows from wet to cream eyeshadows, baked eyeshadows, cream and loose powder eyeshadows. The prices starts from $5-$30 price differs on what kind you want to purchased. 

If you guys wanted to see some swatches of these products please let know. Comment below if you guys wanted to see some swatches or my thoughts about them and Ill be happy to share it with you guys.

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