20th Anniversary Alter Ego Lip Collection Unboxing


Hello everyone! its been a while since I post something on my blog. So I would love to talk about the Lip products from Lorac Cosmetics and its their 20th ANNIVERSARY ALTER EGO LIP COLLECTION

Lorac Cosmetics has a special place in my heart because my very first eye shadow palette that I have ever used was from Lorac cosmetics, I am pretty sure some of you have it or might know about the eye shadow that I am talking about its the LORAC PRO 1 even until now I still love and use it, even when I get a new brand or new eye shadow I just simply love my Lorac eye shadow! Anyway  I saw a Instagram  post of Lorac Cosmetics on the weekends and I was sold right away when I saw these, Are you ready for this? Guess how much these babies are? Its $75!! All full sized lip products!! Yes I know right!? There are 20 lip products total, 10 ALTER EGO LIPSTICKS and matching 10 ALTER EGO LIP GLOSSES.

Whether you are Nude type of person,Purple,Pink,Red to Dark colors, These lip collection has it all. They smell really nice, to me smell almost like a hint of vanilla or cupcake it smell sweet. The lipsticks are really creamy,glides on smoothly almost melt like butter when you apply it the lips, its very moisturizing too. The lip gloss are, what can I say lip gloss lol :) Lip gloss are also pigmented especially the dark colors and does not have a sticky consistency or sticky feeling when you apply it on the lips. I love lip products in fact I think I'm a lip addict/junkie to be honest I don't really need more lip products but these lip collection is too good to skip. The box that came with the lip products looked simple but pretty at the same time it doesn't feel cheap at all, Lip products looked amazing and very detailed even Lorac is written on the actually lip sticks. 


These babies are Limited Collector's Edition. Get them while you can. There are 7 new exclusive and limited edition matching lips sticks and lip gloss shades along with 3 best selling lip sticks and matching lip gloss too. The colors are BOMBSHELL, VISIONARY, SECRET AGENT, FREE SPIRIT, BEAUTY GURU, PARTY GIRL, HOT SHOT, CELEBRITY, DOMINATRIX and MUA

Click here if you want to purchase or want to know more about Lorac cosmetics. Let's do some swatches!

The top picture Nude colors from left to right - BOMBSHELL, VISIONARY and SECRET AGENT swatches are from right to left. I apologized for the confusion. Among these 3 I definitely like the Secret Agent because its the color that I like and looks good on my skin tone.

Purple and Pink colors top picture from left to right FREE SPIRIT and BEAUTY GURU Pink colors PARTY GIRL and HOT SHOT swatches from right to left. I was surprised that the last one Hot shot is pigmented and bright in color especially the lip gloss.

Red to dark colors top picture from left to right CELEBRITY, DOMINATRIX and MUA swatches from right to left. Out of all of them I these last 3 shades are my favorite, I don't know why but I gravitate on dark colors lately.

Look at this pretty detailed lip stick.

I am wearing the color DOMINATRIX here. I am not a make up pro so please be nice to me.

My overall thoughts:

  • The lipsticks are pigmented,creamy  and very smooth almost like butter when you apply on the lips and very moisturizing too

  • Some of the the lip gloss are surprisingly pigmented especially the bright colors

  • Smell really nice, it has a sweet scent almost like vanilla scent

  • Good variety of different colors. From nude, purple, pink, red and dark hues you got it all in these collection

  • Retail price $75 for 20 full size lip products, I think its a good deal

  • Shipping was fast mine only 3 days (I ordered online Sunday got it on Wednesday)

Although they are not matte lip products, I still like this lip collection because it has wide variety of different colors, pigmentation is there even some of the lip gloss are surprisingly pigmented and the retail price is a really good deal $75 for 20 lip products I am not complaining. I recommend getting this to everyone who loves lipsticks, lip glosses or both and to someone who loves to try a different hues of lip products. Whether you want to wear nude, bright or dark color of lip sticks and lip gloss this collection has it all :) This is a Limited Collector's Edition and I believe its not a permanent line so get them while you can. Click here if you want to purchase Lorac Cosmetics.

I hope you guys didn't get bored of my long blog. I appreciate if you read this till the end of this blog. Let me know what kind hues of lip products do you like? do you like nude? bright colors? Red or Dark ones? let me know what brand do you like?Like it and Comments below ;)

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Hope you guys have wonderful day! Thank you