Saturday Skin Featherweight Daily Moisturizing Cream Review


Hello everyone! Its been awhile, I am back with a new blog. Today I wanted to talk about a skincare product I purchased months ago around November during the Sephora VIB ROUGE Sale.

I purchased this product online from I discovered Saturday Skin product one day on social media I believed from Sephora stories from instagram.I believed this is a Korean brand if not please let me know on the comment section below. I was curious about the product because it says that it work on any skin type. I have oily sensitive acne prone skin type and its very difficult to try out a moisturizer or skincare products because of my sensitive skin. Saturday skin featherweight daily moisturizer product is one of those product that I can say "It work" on my skin. Its very rare for me to like a skincare product because most of the time they never work for me, Either I get some reaction and just makes my skin worse. I've been using Saturday Skin Featherweight daily moisturizer since last year of November and it never gave me any reaction at all. I also love the scent of it, its very light fresh scent not strong or anything in fact it almost smells like nothing to which I really love. I don't really like a strong scent when it comes to skincare products. The consistency of this product is really good I would say its a perfect one for me, Its not runny or no too thick. I used this product everyday, mostly at night and it never gave me any oily feeling to my skin. When I used this product at night and when I woke up in the morning my skin looked fresh, brighter and hydrated. The retail price is a little expensive but I don't really mind it because I loved it overall and in my opinion if it works the price doesn't really matter whether its expensive or not as long as you are enjoying the product that you use works I think that matters the most. If you want to know more about the brand click the picture below.

SATURDAY SKIN Featherweight Daily Moisturizer $49

SATURDAY SKIN Featherweight Daily Moisturizer ($49)

Overall Review

  • Formulated without (PARABENS, SULFATES, PHTHALATES)
  • Cute Packaging 
  • Can be use everyday (day or night)
  • Perfect consistency not too light or heavy on the skin
  • Absorbs really quickly on the skin and no greasy feeling at all
  • Hydrates skin really well and gives a beautiful glow and nice texture on the skin
  • Very light fresh scent 
  • Works for any skin type (Even on my oily sensitive skin)
  • Works on my sensitive skin
  • Although the retail price is a little expensive ($49) I still buy it and repurchased this product again
  • Recommend to everyone who loves to try a new skincare product or simple to everyone who loves skincare 

Hope everyone enjoyed and find this blog helpful to you. For reading and taking your time to check my blog I appreciate it. Please comment below or give me some like if you enjoy reading this blog. Thank you



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