Rivecowe Volumizing Mascara Review!

Hello everyone! I am back and would love to share with you guys my thoughts/review about the RIVECOWE Plenty Volume Mascara ($15). I got this from one of the memebox I got a while back. I think if I remember it's from the Vagabond Youth X Memebox. If you guys don't know or never heard of memebox, It's Korean beauty boxes and skincare themed boxes that you can choose and purchased. They are beauty/skincare/makeup from Korea. If I'm not mistaken they are not monthly subscription boxes but they have so many type of boxes that you can choose from. Whether its about the hair,skin,face,body,makeup even foot! you name it they got everything from head to toe products. If you are interested about memebox click here!

As you can see, Its just a regular type of mascara brush. Nothing special to it, but wait till I apply it on my lashes.

Top picture : you can see the difference on my left eye when I apply the mascara on compare to my right without a mascara. It gives volume, length and separates my lashes. They looked liked nice and don't clump together and I also hate when theres too much product on the lashes. This one is perfect for me. Even with two coats my lashes looked natural.

Bottom picture : Mascara were applied on my lashes on both eyes left and right. With one coat only, You can tell the difference. My eyes looked more awake, my lashes were separated and just naturally looked longer and have a more volume.

P.S - I did not use eye lash curler when apply the mascara. I don't like using eye lash curler. Yes I am one those girls who don't like using eye lash curler. I just don't like the using one. 

Overall Thoughts: 

  • It does what its says on the packaging. It gives your lashes some volume and length

  • Eye lashes looked naturally fuller and and a little longer

  • Lashes will not clump or stick together

  • Wont go anywhere, won't budge (at least for me)

  • Holds the lashes curled for hours

  • Easy to remove with warm water or makeup remover

  • Recommend to anyone who just want want a little volume and length and good for everyday use because it looked simple natural on your lashes and not dramatic at all

I am loving this mascara and been using it for more than a month now and I think its my new favorite mascara at the moment! I love everything about this mascara because before I used this one I always have problems with other mascara's it always melt or budge and at the end of the day i looked like a panda(LOL). But with the RIVECOWE Plenty Volume Mascara I did not have any problems like that. I know it's not waterproof or anything but this one stay in place. It makes my lashes more voluminous and looked naturally longer. I don't think you can purchase this mascara on memebox website anymore :( that's a bummer, other than that I can't say any bad thing about this mascara because it does work. I personally love and adore this one. I recommend to anyone specially if you are like me who just like to have a little volume and lenght then you have to give this mascara a try :) I just wished I discovered this mascara earlier when you can still find it at memebox website. But maybe I will look on ebay or other site that will have this product. Or if you anyone of you guys know where I can get this mascara let me know on the comments below. Or let me know what is your favorite mascara brand or your holy grail mascara, I would love to know ;)

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