Welcome to my website "Wabbita"!

Hello everybody! My name is Wabbita and welcome to my blog!

My inspiration for this blog is the little things that continually interest me every day of my life. Those things are beauty products like skincare and makeup, all different kinds of fashion too, and the culinary arts. I am not a professional in any of those fields, but reading of, taking part, and sharing the experience of them with others always puts a smile on my face. and sets my heart free.  

In this blog, I will provide personally experiences I have with products, unboxing events, and reviews about beauty products of all kind (especially skincare and makeup). I pledge to always post my honest opinion and share the joy I find in my hobbies. I will do some cooking, baking, talk about any particular restaurants I think you all may enjoy. If I come across some eye catching fashion, I will make sure to spread that word as well.

Always feel free to comment on my blog, and contact me via email or any of my social media accounts like Instagram, Twitter or Facebook!

I hope to win your trust and inspire everyone to come together in an open, fun, and welcoming community.

Love, Wabbita